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Course Retrospective

What is the 4 Ls Course Retrospective?

The 4 Ls Course Retrospective is an activity for the whole course team upon completion of a course designed to understand what worked, what didn’t, and what can be improved. The 4Ls stand for liked, learnt, lacked, and longed for.

After a completion of a course, it can be helpful for the team to pause and take stock of what happened. Emotions can run high, so it can be difficult for teams to have a discussion that isn’t marred by frustration or joy. The 4 Ls Course Retrospective is a useful tool that empowers the team to highlight the positive elements of a course cohort and understand the negative, allowing them to think from a factual rather than emotional perspective.

Why use the 4 Ls Course Retrospective?

The 4Ls Course Retrospective is specifically focused on action and improvement,

and can build trust, improve morale, and increase engagement of the course administrating team.

How does the template work?

Click Duplicate on the top right to copy this template to your Notion workspace.

Once duplicated, you have your own guided team exercise to reflect and improve on your recently completed course cohort.

If you want the full breakdown of running a course retrospective and why it's such an affirming process with a real feeling of progress then read the full blog post on BelindaAllan.com

For any questions, reach out on Twitter @belinda_allan_


Course Retrospective

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